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Cluster Projects

The Innovation Poles have been designed by the regional policy as an instrument of industrial policy with the aim of facilitating innovation activities. The political decision to empower the companies themselves tasks of selection and organization of the activities to be carried out, and to share with them the responsibility of obtaining the results or not, is unprecedented and represents a challenge that companies are required to collect the Public Administration.

Entertainment activities and Marketing

The center will carry out a series of meetings at the premises of "poles", parks and research centers already active, nationally and internationally, to enable systemic relationships and create stable partnerships with other actors in areas of interest. And above all, there are:

  • Intervention of benchmarking and competitive intelligence in Rhone Alpes to analyze best practices and their model of networking companies, as well as their experience of promotion on the market of the same territory.
  • Visit the "Kilometro Rosso" Science & Technology Park located on the outskirts of Bergamo, home businesses, research centers, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing and services innovation.
  • Visit at Tecnalia Corporation, Technology Centre of the Basque Country began in 2001 with the main aim to contribute to the development of economic and social environment through the use and promotion of technological innovation through research. Divided into 16 business units grouped into 5 divisions. And 'three of the 10 companies that have applied for membership to membership.
  • B2B with the Poles and French clusters expected in the regions of Rhône Alpes and Midi Pyrenee
  • N. 6 Seminars and Work-Shop to support all the activities of the PMU

Projects Technology Transfer
The Pole, in this first year of activity has supported companies in the preparation of n. 17 technology transfer projects, as well as collecting design ideas business, the Polo has proposed structure of a project dedicated to Lean-Sigma. The following are details:

  •     14 technology transfer projects presented by companies
  •     3 Projects of transfer of know-how for the organization of the process (Lean Sigma)