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In the context of the Aerospace industry, the establishment of the Joint Mechatronics Umbro was a choice of strategic importance because it facilitates the linking of aerospace companies Umbria, between them, with about 800 companies operating in the sector at the national level and with major players world.

The specializations of each entity within the Aerospace sector in Umbria constitute a network of "excellence complementary" and placed in Umbria a significant position in the context of Italian aerospace. Technological innovation, research projects, investments for the continuous improvement of qualitàe efficiency, represent the common factor for companies in the Polo, making it a real strong point of the entire regional and national economy.

The Aerospace segment in Umbria sees are a great many leading companies, with widespread skills:

• Design mechanical, electronic and software

• Production: machining, equipment, printing, electronic components, equipment, fittings, aerostructures, test facilities, infrastructure, electronic systems

Special processes: non-destructive testing, welding, electroplating and thermal coating